About me….


A Thanadoula is one whose passion is found in caring for others at the time of transition from life through the sacredness of death. My job is dedicated to helping individuals and their families release the fear that is associated with dying, to prepare for the final transition from this life into the beyond, to assist in making final arrangements for the benefit of all involved, and to ensure that people are able to die in comfort with dignity and respect. I believe that death is another transition – as is birth, and the sacredness of this act is something I have been blessed to witness and be a part of on numerous occasions.

I will work with individuals and their families, with hospice care workers, with nursing home administrators, and with funeral planners in order to ensure the wishes of the individual and their family are met to the best of all our ability.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner, I have completed courses on mindfulness training, compassionate living, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and my education continues throughout my life. I am hearing impaired and am continuing to strengthen my abilities using ASL (American Sign Language).

As a lightworker and earth-angel my goal is world service one person at a time – bringing environmental and peace activism to the world as an example, and encouraging others to follow my actions. Using my life as an example to others as a natural living coach and creating products to help us live naturally upon the earth are ways in which I express myself and love for all others who share this planet. My business, Brigid’s Balm, is where I have created environmentally-responsible body care products. Spreading love and light to my family, friends, strangers and those in the world who are in need, while also maintaining my own state of well being, is how I choose to live my life. Promoting self-sustainability, learning how to let go of all that is not needed in order to allow abundance to manifest in my own life and those of others are lessons worth learning. Always happy to meet bright people sharing great ideas and positive energy.