Where I Find Inspiration


Today I was asked if I could share links to sites that inspires me and that I love. I spent about 30 minutes searching through bookmarks on my laptop, deleting old sites that no longer exist, refreshing my memory with regards to others I have not looked at for a long time. I googled things like “inspiration, peace, hope…” and came up with a couple of spots, but nothing really felt like it fit the bill. And then I realized where I often turn for inspiration … Facebook.

Yes, Facebook. Full of political controversy, petty complaints, misinformation and downright outrage. But… I bypass all that. Most of my Facebook focuses on spinning, knitting, weaving, fibre arts, aspects regarding the work I do (“the death movement”) and… friends and family.

YOU are the ones who inspire me. People who message every day about something positive. Those of you who are learning a new skill and are frustrated to tears until someone reaches out with encouragement and talks them through it, step by step. Those of you who are coping with raising a family or living on your own, finances bordering on or even below the poverty line and yet you still do the best you can to encourage others and to share tips – coupons, recipes, do it yourself projects, helping each other help ourselves. People living with cancer, going through treatment and still taking time to teach, to work, to share with others. How about people coping with physical, emotional and mental struggles, getting up and doing something positive (washing the dishes? making your bed? taking a shower? going to or creating a support group? taking your dog for a walk?) to make it through the day – you are an inspiration for so many. People tired of reading about politics and fear mongering simply going online to post photos of happy animals, inspirational quotes, or a simple “Good Morning!” with a smile – you help bring positivity to so many people, thank you. Those of you who post inspirational quotes with beautiful pictures help to make a more positive reading environment for others scrolling through the pages. Sharing music videos is wonderful, letting us know what brings you happiness may influence our own taste, or introduce us to something new. Sharing photos of work you have done, items you have created, repaired, gifted.  Gathering up your bravery to post about your new business brings excitement and congratulations.

Those of you physically helping someone get through their day by checking in on them, talking to them about your concerns, listening to them about theirs, helping someone with a job search, comforting someone going through a hard time such as a job loss, ending of a relationship, perhaps death of a loved one. Someone posting online saying “Hey – I am proud of you!!!” or something like “You can do it!!!” or “YOU DID IT!!!” shares good news, uplifts the person to whom you are speaking and also raises the spirits of EVERYONE who reads that post. People who are coping with anxiety issues showing up for work with a smile on the outside, even if they don’t feel it on the inside. Some of us facing challenges, mustering up strength and walking through our fears, teaching ourselves and others that yes, it can be done. Sometimes, even having the courage to write what you mean, even if it goes against the norm or popular opinion, this shows your own strength and may inspire others to do the same.

Every day we are blessed with another 24 hours to spend. We are here to boost people up – not tear each other down. My thanks goes out to all of you who are willing to load Facebook with positive messages, share your light, your love, your struggles and your accomplishments – you are all an inspiration to me and to many others. Blessed be your journey.

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