Slowing Down….


Lately I have been dealing with so much change as I feel this is a real year of transition and moving forward. I am very excited about the new paths my life is taking, and as always have jumped in with both feet first. That’s how I have managed to make it through life thus far – set a goal, seize the opportunity and jump in – many times with great results, sometimes with not-so-great results. Always with lessons learned.

As my hearing has become more of a challenge lately, I have started taking classes in ASL – American Sign Language. Proud to say I have recalled all the spelling of the alphabet from my years in Girl Guides (40 years ago?!!) and have successfully passed ASL 101 and am on to 102 starting tonight! I find I am using it more and more in conjunction with my own speech, and am grateful to those who ask questions and would like to learn more of it as well. Communication in any form is a good thing.

This week marked the first module of my Thanadoula training as well. I worked with a group of amazing people in a wide variety of ages from various walks of life. The instructor was fabulous, very informative and made learning and sharing a great experience. Personal experiences, thoughts, helpful guidance was all expressed and shared. When the topic became too deep it was interspersed with comical situations, and we all shared much laughter as well as tears.

One thing I really love about this group is that we live in different areas, we do different things for a living, we share expertise in different areas. Yet with all these “differences”, each one of us is gathering here for the same purpose, to be of service to others at the end of their lives. The thing about death is there is no room for bullshit. It is very cut and dried, black and white. No time for games, for drama, for crap that we often encounter in our everyday lives. These people are all here for one reason – to help you live the life you have left in the best way possible, and to help you die peacefully. These people are real, honest, and caring about themselves and about others and the contributions we can make in service to others. Such a great energy, and a wonderful learning environment.

With all that being said, I am also starting to feel the weight of all this change and movement in new directions. Reading about planetary alignments and my horoscope today, I see Mars is in retrograde from April 17-June 29. I don’t understand all the astrological factors involved as it is not an area I have expertise in, however, I do like to read and see how I may be affected. This says it is time to slow down, time to turn inward and reflect on our lives. It is a very good time to learn to practice the virtues of compassion and patience. Needless to say, this hit home.

slow down 1


So yesterday I was absolutely burnt after an incredibly busy weekend. Rather than pushing and pushing as I normally would on a Monday, I did nothing. Well, I served the kids at breakfast club, mopped my floors, did the dishes, tidied up, that sort of thing. But honestly, most of the day was spent sitting on the porch with friends and neighbours, catching up over the past few winter months, just sharing time and a few cups of coffee. What a blessed day. Sunshine, new green shoots coming out of the ground, laughter, sharing, caring. Time to slow down and gather our thoughts, make plans for the future, share hopes and dreams.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that pushing forward is a wonderful thing. Setting goals is very productive, following through on those goals is a life changer. But we need to remember to slow down, to reflect, to see how we can better ourselves and also be of service in whatever manner to those around us. Remember that life is not just about work and pushing and moving forward – life is meant to be LIVED, to be shared, and in the process to be enjoyed.

Blessed be your journey xo

slow down 2

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