Time for a New Day…


This day I awoke from a good sleep, my dog cuddled up beside me, sunlight streaming in my window. I took some time to run my fingers through her fur, enjoying the warmth and her kisses as we both stretched, ready to greet the day.

Fresh ground coffee beans for my coffee this morning, dogs outside to run for a bit, not too cold now, spring is coming soon. I found it very difficult to adjust this year when we turned clocks for “daylight savings” time. I really wish they would leave that alone and let our bodies react to the shortness of days as nature would have it. Now the days are once again getting longer and it is much easier to awake with the rising of the sun.

I think of my day ahead, a blank page spreading out before me. What to do? Cleaning, of course. More spinning, as I have projects I wish to get rolling on in order to have them completed on time. Laughs with my son, perhaps sharing in a show or two. Visit and knitting with my friend, since she started her new job we don’t have as much time together anymore…. weekends are catch-up time for us! Water my plants and dream of spring planting, consult the calendar to determine when is the best time to start some squash and melon seeds…dream of my garden in summer…

So many of us are constantly on the go, must do this, must do that…. we need to remember that life requires us to slow down some days. Take time to savour what is important to you, REALLY important. Fresh ground coffee. A walk with the dogs. Time spent with family and friends. Time taken to dream, to rest, to read, to play, to roam. Time… it is all about time… some days are seemingly endless, some days never have enough hours. Perhaps today you can put a stop to the rush of everyday life and simply rest. Even for a few hours. MAKE some time… TAKE some time and rest your mind, your heart. Spend it with those  you love or even by yourself doing something you love. Try something new! Remember that life is more than just the daily grind, life is an adventure!

The sun has risen, it’s a new day, treasure this moment and those with whom you share it. Blessed be your journey xo

breaking dawn

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