Cycles and Processes


Today I spin.

I am a fibre artist. I spin, knit, weave, sew, quilt, I create with raw fibres, natural fibres, synthetics. I have the knowledge and ability to take fibre freshly shorn, clean it, card it, spin it and further weave or knit it into something beautiful that will create warmth for someone’s heart, body and soul. I am blessed, and this blessing further blesses others.

I was knitting the other day and contemplating this life. As I was finishing work on a beautiful sweater set I was thinking about my girlfriend’s anticipation of her blessed new daughter’s imminent arrival (Ruby was born the day after I completed knitting). New life, new beginnings, a precious addition to her family circle to be celebrated by extended family, friends, community. While we were waiting for her birth my cousin lay dying in Saskatoon of cancer.


Diagnosed in November, last week his sister contacted me to let me know the cancer had attacked his brain and his heart, they had been given a week. Dichotomy. On one hand, awaiting new life, on the other, awaiting transition to death. I weigh the balance in my hands as I complete the sweater for the new baby and cast on stitches for a shawl to be sent to my cousin, hoping to wrap around her shoulders in a loving hug as she grieves the loss of her brother.

Life, love, loss. A cycle never ending. We are born, we grow, we live, learn, share, love, growing into life but also closer to imminent death in every moment. In living we perceive life as boundless, living in this moment it is everything. In dying we realize how precious each moment is, each breath, each memory, each loved one with whom we have connected throughout our lives. We count each moment as precious, savouring it, treasuring it, realizing what a gift our lives truly are.

We don’t often stop to compare life and death, beginnings and endings. In anticipating birth, family rallies around, we dream, talk about hopes and fears. We experience community outreach, dealing with extended family, friends, community, birth assistants (doula, midwife), medical personnel. We plan for the future. In death we do the same, yet it is not thought of in the same manner. Birth is a celebration of new life. In death, we celebrate the life of the person as they prepare for death’s transition. The same outreach on a different perspective. The cycle continues

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. The people whom I have met. My cousins, who truly are our first best friends. No matter how far apart we live now, my heart still holds so much love for all of them, happy memories, laughter, tears, adventures shared. Perhaps today you should drop a message to someone you care about, letting them know how they have made your life better by knowing them. Recount a memory that will bring a smile. Let them know they are thought of, and that they are loved.

LIVE your life. Share yourself with others – share your love, share your light. Do something nice for someone else, not seeking attention or thanks but simply because you can. Perform a kindness for a stranger – one never knows how many times a thoughtful action is multiplied and how it can make the world of difference to someone in need. Think about your life, and although you may be experiencing difficulties be grateful you are alive to see this day. Feel the sun on your face, knowing spring is just around the corner. New life. New growth. New beginnings.

I think of people I love, times I have shared and new adventures ahead of us. I think of a shawl I would like to create for someone I love, their birthday will be here soon. And so today, I spin.

Blessed be your journey. xoxo



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