Getting Started – a new year


2016 has arrived in all its glory… a clean slate, new beginnings, new chances every single day for wonderful life experiences.

The past few years have brought many challenges to my life, lessons learned and not soon forgotten. Not all events had negative attributes as I have enjoyed much happiness, love and laughter. I have lost people whom I have held very dear to my heart, and yet I have also been blessed with new friendships and welcoming new lives into this world! Family members who traveled afar have returned home and my small circle is once again complete. My fur babies have multiplied in that I have been blessed with the safekeeping of two of my neighbour’s cats as he has relocated to a more hostile environment. Life, I must say, is pretty good!

This year’s aspirations include becoming more financially responsible, setting goals for my finances and REALLY determining the difference between a “want” and a “need” (as I have preached to my children for the past twenty years…) and using that as a guideline in how I am choosing to spend my resources. And by resources I am not only referring to monetary funds, but also to time… time spent with others, for others, in doing things for myself and by myself.

I am also determined to take more responsibility for my health, eating better (I don’t eat very badly now… although improvement is always a benefit!) and making time for more exercise, including regular walks with the dogs, more trips made up and down the stairs, and following through with my Tai-Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong dvds. The more I stretch these bones, the better I feel!

2015 Pictures from phone 216

I must say, the most exciting goal I have set is furthering my education. Over the past few months I have received my certification as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner, and will be following that up with Second Degree hopefully this spring 2016. Tonight I begin my sign language classes at the Canadian National Hearing Society in the hopes I will be more fluent with ASL. This I am doing not only for myself, but also in order to communicate with others who are hard of hearing. And, most wonderful, I have registered for the course that will result in my certification as a Thanadoula. This course is provided this year in Toronto, which will mean travelling one weekend per month and staying over in a hotel while studying intensely on a career which I feel truly is my calling.

As indicated in the short description “about me”, I have been blessed to have brought babies into this world as a birthing coach, and I also am grateful to have been present with those whom I have loved as they have passed on through the veil. There is such fear and negativity associated with death, I wish to do whatever I can to help alleviate that fear, and to also bring peace, relief and dignity to those who are in the final stages of life on this plane, and assist them in a smooth transition through the sacred act of dying.  As a Thanadoula I will be working with community agencies and family and friends of individuals traveling their final journey with us on this earth, a blessing to my life as I hope I will be to theirs.

So that’s it – new beginnings, new goals, new strengths, new challenges, new experiences. Grateful for this year, this time I have been given, and for the lovely people with whom I have been blessed to share this journey. My wish is to provide words of inspiration and gratitude on these pages in the hopes they will encourage you, support you, share with you and make your life a little bit better. Blessed be your journey.

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